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The Friends of the Paint Creek Trail has worked with the Paint Creek Trailways Commission to install a pollinator garden along the Paint Creek Trail about 1/4 mile north of Tienken.  Ray Wiegand’s Nursery designed the garden and will be responsible for the installation, and planting.

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Work began in the Fall of 2019, with final planting done on  June 17, 2020, just before Pollinator Week,  June 22-28, 2020. June 22-28.

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Moutrie Pollinator Garden Design

There has been much attention given to the needs of pollinators, bees, birds, and butterflies, particularly the Monarch Butterfly. The garden will feature low-maintenance, native plants in support of pollinators. A similar garden has been installed recently in the Rochester Park near the sun dial.

The Moutrie Pollinator Garden is named after the late David Moutrie, a teacher, environmentalist, and an active supporter of the Paint Creek Trail.

Visit Rochester Pollinators to learn more about pollinator gardens.

Donations to support this initiative are being accepted. The DONATE button can be used for PayPal. Checks payable to the Friends of the Paint Creek Trail may be mailed to the office address:

Friends of the Paint Creek Trail
4393 Collins Road
Rochester, MI  48306     248-651-9260

Please note that your donation applies to the Moutrie Pollinator Garden so your donation can be recognized appropriately.

Financial Supporters as of June 2021

  • Moutrie Family & Friends
  • Rochester Junior Women’s Club
  • Community Foundation of Greater Rochester
  • Sammy C. & Betty R. Cupp Foundation Fund
  • WCI Contractors
  • Family of Coach Michelle Miller
  • Family of Stella Moulton
  • Audubon Bird Society
  • Ray Wiegand’s Nursery
  • The Preede Foundation
  • Dolores Barry
  • Tim Moutrie
  • Dean Fitzpatrick
  • Patricia Klos
  • Bradley & Barbara Barnes
  • Stephanie Dueweke
  • Judith & Walter Peregon
  • Alaina Campbell
  • Marilyn Trent

About David Moutrie

David Moutrie served as Bike Patroler until his retirement in 2012, but was quickly identified as “Trail Ambassador”. All loved his dedication to the trail. Sadly,  David passed away suddenly shortly after retirement.

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